Here is a really interesting panel discussion about Helen Chadwich, put up by Cathy De Monchaux. Remember she was talking about it when she was up here? Check it out when you have the time, it lasts for about 1,5 hour but well worth it. I think it’s the strenght of work and caracter of H.C I find so inspiring.


Working together

Hej! In this my first blog post I would like to say how much I have enjoyed getting into the sculptural objects (though they only just lift themselves off the flat world!) making this year. Working on sculptures together and being involved in each others’ work is so thrilling. You are great to hang out with and show amazing patience ;D

I think we are in for an exciting year! So I just wanted to say: go go girls!

x x

Where I’m coming from

Hello there!

During the past few months there’s been a whole shift happening in my head regarding my practice and where I want to go with it.

In a nutshell, I’m moving away from installations and embracing objects. The brief I set to myself was to make condensed (both in meaning and in feeling) objects. To try to move all my concerns in an object if possible. So these are the objects I made in the summer:

Dead PhoenixDead phoenix 1



I now wish to move towards incorporating ceramics somehow, but not producing¬† work that could be named ceramic. That’s why I resolved to start off with making generic ceramic forms with which to interact (abuse creatively somehow), as if they were found objects..

On a more theoretical level now, I’ve started studying the Peloponnesian War by Thucydides and keeping notes on it as well. The rough plan with this is again, to interact with it as if it was a found object. Below, the representation of the man himself:


That’s all for now, best, despina.

Let’s go!

DSC00563 DSC00549

Hello ladies, let’s get the blog going. Japan is great, really exciting, something new all the time so I’m constantly excited. I’m living very centrally in a city called Kofu, a medium size place with great nature around it, Shinto and Buddhist shrines all over the place. Hardly any tourists, I feel like the only foreigner when I’m out and about. Work-wise this is all a problem because gathering my thoughts is difficult. Brought no old note books and hardly any materials over, to give myself a proper challenge (and because of weight issues traveling) so it almost feels like I’m starting out fresh. What is my work all about, what is important to keep, what is meaningful etc…I think this journey is mind expanding to me, but of course I’m left frustrated and lost.. but we need to get through these faces to move forward, right? Hope so. I only have til the end of this month then there is a small exhibition (me and another girl). At the picture you can see the plans for a sculpture I want to make, in concrete, outdoors. I’ll tell you more in the next blog post (this one is quite resolved, apart from the technical bit can prove to be a challenge. I also want to make something else and this is the more frustrating bit). This is to get us going, I’ll dive more deeply into what I’m thinking about soon, looking forward to see your postings too.